Elizabeth Souder

Experience As:

Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Parent in the Room
Chief People Officer

Based In:
Kansas City and Denver
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Elizabeth Souder

Elizabeth McJimsey Souder is a “recovering” attorney and organizational health consultant and coach who helps companies and leaders realign the disconnect between who they say they are and how they behave. She has worked with some of Kansas City’s leading organizations as they launched, prepared for growth, prepared for expansion, addressed COVID and post-COVID related interruptions, reimagined who they were, restructured how they functioned, and rebuilt the culture in which they worked. Elizabeth also enjoys working with leaders and their teams to build trust, align and operationalize values, empower one another, and win together using her leader as COACH method.

Elizabeth brings 20+ years as a corporate lawyer with two of Kansas City’s largest employers where she witnessed and experienced the relationship between an organization’s health and alignment and its success. As a collegiate and lifelong athlete, the relationship between health and performance has always been obvious. The trick was translating what she knew to be true as an athlete and an attorney into a context that impacts organizations. The result led to the realization that radical adherence to core values guides and informs every action and decision of a healthy and successful organization. Elizabeth loves working with leaders who want to be better at what they do as opposed to believing it’s their people who need fixing. Her best clients are those who want to have a healthy organization but need help identifying how to get there.

Elizabeth is a proud mom of four incredible young adults and proud wife of their incredible dad. She is a self-described “outdoor dog” who loves enjoying and helping to preserve our natural habitats. She loves basketball, sunrise, dusk, and live music . . . in that order.