Our Founder’s Backstory

Jim Hoggatt is founder and CEO of ExecHQ®. After a successful career at PWC, being the CFO for a large publicly traded company, and owning and operating two companies, Jim began a career in outsourced CFO work in 2011 and then joined a large national CFO consulting firm in January 2014. As a Senior Partner in the firm from 2014 to 2018, Jim developed a successful practice in Phoenix and Kansas City and had helped to recruit and mentor new partner candidates. Following the death of his mother and mother-in-law in the May-June of 2018 and spending much of the year taking care of family matters, toward the end of 2018, Jim worked to rebuild his client base and reconnect with his business network. 

In February 2019, the managing partner at his former firm emailed and said they would be demoting Jim from his Senior Partner status because his 2018 earnings were lower than the firm had expected. It was at that moment, upon receipt of that email, that Jim hand-wrote his letter of retirement and hand delivered it to the managing partner. Looking back on this situation, it was another reminder to Jim of the things that many of us unfortunately have seen in many companies and firms today… that earnings and profits are more important than family. 

Determined to create an advisory firm where the firm’s executive advisors (even if he were the only one in the firm) could openly put their families first, Jim formed CEO Solutions Partners in March 2019. After a rebranding process later that year, CEO Solutions Partners transformed to become ExecHQ. From March 2019 to until today, ExecHQ has grown to be a global consulting firm where families are first, clients are a close second, and there is great culture of teamwork, trust and integrity.

Corporate Governance and Advisory Boards


Fiduciary and advisory boards are becoming an ever more important aspect of middle and lower-middle market privately held businesses. They provide significant benefits in guiding the company’s strategy, evaluating risks, coaching the management team, and even providing valuable business development assistance.

If you are considering creating a fiduciary or advisory board for your business. In that case, our group of advisors can assist you in navigating the complexities of standing up a board, finding independent directors/managers, helping you manage every aspect of governance, and guiding your utilization of the expertise of an advisory board.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to satisfy your governance and advisory needs. Having said this, here is our advisory board:


Jim Hoggatt 

Founder and CEO of ExecHQ 

Jim has more than 30 years of experience, including 7 years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 12 years as the CFO for a large, publicly-traded education company, 7 years as Founder and CEO of a real estate development and residential construction company, and 8 years as a full-time or consulting CFO for small to mid-tier companies in Phoenix and Kansas City.   

Industry experience includes real estate, construction, e-commerce, specialty services, advertising agencies, not-for-profits, manufacturing, educational institutions and services, executive CFO services, cyber-security, 3PLs, warehousing and distribution. 

Stephanie Rinaldi

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Stephanie Rinaldi is an accomplished executive whose background includes marketing, customer marketing, sales, sustainability, and operational strategy. She has extensive experience in overseeing and leading the marketing vision, strategy, and execution of an organization, skillfully leveraging data and insights to ensure both consumer and customer needs are at the forefront of innovation and activation to drive revenue, profit, and market share. 

Stephanie received her MBA in Marketing from Fordham University Gabelli Graduate School of Business and her BA in Economics and French from Wellesley College. She is also a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional. 

Dr. Esther R. Dyer

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Dr. Dyer is a versatile leader with a multidisciplinary track record as CEO, Board Member, Consultant, Talent Mentor, and Growth Driver. She has extensive experience in social responsibility, diversity, equity & inclusion, strategic planning, program development & evaluation, and executive presentations. Her current focus is on helping nonprofits and healthcare organizations thrive in the face of growth and limited resources, workforce shortages, and disaster recovery challenges by building resiliency, sustainability, and continuity strategies. 

She has certificates in Private Corporate Governance and ESOPS from the Private Director’s Association and is a certified Succession Solution Advisory. She holds a doctorate in information studies from Columbia University, her master’s from SUNY Albany, and her undergraduate degree in education from SUNY New Paltz. In addition, she has an advanced certificate in Spanish from the University of Salamanca, Spain. 

Larry Martinez

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Larry has 11 years of international operations experience at multi-billion dollar companies including Royal Phillips’ (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) and ActuantMaxima Technologies (NYSE:ATU); and nine years working in several key finance and CFO positions with for-profit and nonprofit companies in the US and Mexico. His 20 years of experience includes plant management and operations controller experience in Mexico where he managed business synergies across company operations in Mexico, Brazil, China, Europe, Indonesia and Singapore. 

Larry has achieved a “Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt” and has used his knowledge and experience with lean manufacturing to drive plant restructurings and related cost savings. 

John Boggs

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Colonel John Boggs, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), is an authority on Executive Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Gender Integration. His clients represent a broad spectrum of industries—medical groups, law enforcement, energy, universities, finance groups, manufacturers, services, food and beverage, government, and nonprofits. 

John holds two master’s degrees, one in National Security Strategy and one in Management. He is a graduate of the world-renowned Georgetown University’s Transformational Executive Leadership Coaching program. He is certified in the Leadership Challenge Inventory, the Leadership Circle Profile, and the Leadership System. He is also a member of the prestigious “Forbes Coaches Council,” the National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter, and Teaching Tolerance. 

Robert (Bob) Acheson

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Bob Acheson is a Principal in the ExecHQ Alliance™ and a member of the ExecHQ Executive Team. Bob has an accomplished record over the past 30 years as a partner in a regional CPA firm, as the CEO and/or CFO for manufacturing companies in New York, California and Oregon, and most recently as a partner with a national CFO consulting firm. 

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience as a CFO and/or President, Bob brings a unique and valuable skill set to ExecHQ. Bob’s expertise includes acquisitions and divestitures, business process improvement with and emphasis on LEAN principles, ERP system implementations and ERP improvements, in industries that include manufacturing, distribution and professional services. 

Mark Derr

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Mark is a highly experienced business consultant and senior executive. A business advisor since 1995, Mark supports mid-market business owners and CEO’s of privately held companies. Mark Derr, Inc., provides CEO advisory and consulting services to high growth entrepreneurial privately held mid-market firms in various industries including aviation, private equity, healthcare, technology, retail, and services. 

Mark’s corporate experience includes 10 years in the aviation industry as a Chief Financial Officer for a commercial aviation services firm and 10 years in the defense industry as Director of Information System. 

Baron Lukas

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

A senior executive leader, board member, advisor, coach and retired Marine Corps Colonel, Baron has 41 years of leadership, management, teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience. Baron, along with Jon Rothbart, lead ExecHQ MULTIPLE,a pre-transaction readiness program that prepares lower middle market companies for a sell-side transaction or capital raises by increasing their valuations through a focused program that improves the company’s multiple. Baron’s professional career spans a diverse spectrum of positions: fighter pilot, instructor, strategist, intelligence officer, professor, commander, and finally, business executive, entrepreneur, board member, and advisor. Baron offers CEO/COO, corporate governance, strategy and leadership development, business optimization, and executive coaching services. 

Baron’s history of successful business and military leadership positions gives him a unique perspective that blends the best practices of both worlds. A native of Germany, Baron is bilingual (English and German) and holds two master’s degrees. 

Jon Rothbart

ExecHQ Advisory Board Member and Principal 

Jon works with ambitious leaders to position their organizations to succeed and increase their valuation multiple in a remote/hybrid world. 

Jon Rothbart, along with Baron Lukas, lead ExecHQ MULTIPLE,a pre-transaction readiness program that prepares lower middle market companies for a sell-side transaction or capital raises by increasing their valuations through a focused program that improves the company’s multiple. 

He brings his experience in transformation, strategy, value-enhancement and innovation to companies looking to excel. He has been a management consultant, an operational executive, a board member, and trusted advisor to prominent leaders in the United States, Canada, South Africa & other EMEA countries. His experience covers multiple sectors including software, biotechnology, cloud computing, healthcare, telecommunication, public sector, education & technology. 

Jon is a supporter of local animal shelters and community organizations. He lives with his wife, daughter and Border Collie, Reveille, in Vancouver, British Columbia. 


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