At ExecHQ ™, we make your business our business

At ExecHQ®, we make your business our business. Our elite team of C-suite executives brings together hundreds of years of experience to design and drive outcomes for your business, positioning your company for a liquidity event, M&A, or supercharged growth. 

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    We get it. Before diving right in, you might find that you would like to start with hiring someone, then seeing how things can go. Or, you might have a critical gap to fill in your senior leadership team.

    Start here to search our Executives by function:

    1. Finance
    2. Operations
    3. Executive Office/Management
    4. Technology/IT
    5. Marketing
    6. Sales/Business Development
    7. Human Resources
    8. Investor Relations
    9. Advisory Board
    10. Executive Coaching

    Other roles that we have filled include, but are not limited to:

    1. Compliance
    2. Data & Information
    3. Customer Success
    4. Revenue
    5. Product Innovation

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    Depending on the situation you and your organization may be in, you might need an entire executive Industry Suite to revitalize your business growth. ExecHQ provides Industry Suite teams that are industry-focused, led by a “captain” to steer your organization on to the most optimal path.

    Some of the industries we have worked in include:

    1. DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion)
    2. Finance & Accounting
    3. Governance & Coaching
    4. Marketing & Advertising
    5. Digital & Technology
    6. Healthcare & Life Sciences
    7. Nonprofit / Philanthropy
    8. Analysis & Reporting
    9. Energy

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    M&A (Multiple)

    ExecHQ ™ MULTIPLE: What is it?

    ExeHQ™ MULTIPLE is a pre-transaction readiness and valuation enhancement service that concentrates on the multiple side of the Value=Profit x Multiple equation. Whether you are looking to raise capital or prepare for a successful exit, enhancing your business’s value by ensuring your multiple is as high as it can be is one of the best ways to avoid leaving value on the table during the deal.

    To effect lasting change within all aspects of your business, a deliberate program of advisory projects lasting from six to eighteen months is necessary. ExecHQ is advantageously positioned for such long-term project work. With over one hundred C-suite executives with immeasurable expertise in virtually every area of business and representing numerous industries, we have the capacity and resources to handle all aspects of the company’s valuation, from financial reporting to leadership, governance, risk mitigation, customer and product diversity, planning and execution, and everything in between.

    ExecHQ™ MULTIPLE is prepared to guide businesses nationwide through the MULTIPLE experience in concurrence with their investment bank or M&A advisors. We look forward to partnering with you for the benefit of all stakeholders. Finally, you can ensure the best valuation of the business you worked so hard to build.

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    EPICC Entrepreneur Advisory Services

    Strategic Growth | Transition | Presale

    Entrepreneurs engage EPICC Advisory Services when their commercial results flounder or need a refreshed strategic growth roadmap, when they fear they're unprepared for potential business succession, M&A or other transition and/or when they realize their operating model no longer scales or is unsustainable. Our team listens, studies and focuses on achieving your best outcome, whatever that may be. We use the disciplined, EPICC process conducted in gated-stages to reduced your risk and keep us accountable to your needs.

    Deliverables by Gated-stage include, as needed:

    1. Evaluate (Initial; Bench-marked Deep-dive; Specialized)
    2. Plan (Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Financial Roadmaps)
    3. Improve (Client-prioritized Functional Projects; Accountability Reviews)
    4. Coach (On Transitioning, Due Diligence, Databank, IB/PE/VC Engagement)
    5. Capitalize (Maintaining Revenue, CF, EBITDA, Customers through target Outcome)

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    Like a fingerprint, each business has unique needs. Our standard solutions offer the ease and flexibility to be shaped into their business. That sometimes may not be what your business needs.

    Should you require a custom solution, please get in touch with our team.

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