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To temporarily fill a vacancy in our executive team while we search for a permanent successor, we are looking for an interim executive. Do you have executives available for this use?

Yes, on an interim basis, our Executive Consultants can work full- or part-time. They can also assist with other urgent needs or work on short- or long-term projects. 

How much are your services going to cost?

Each of our prospective clients has specific demands and challenges that are very different from one another. An evaluation of the needs and the determination of the required level of expertise determines the proposed solutions and the associated pricing. ExecHQ typically performs a first interview during which we listen to, comprehend, and ask pertinent questions to ascertain the problems, symptoms, and priorities. Before delivering a proposal and the associated pricing alternatives, we frequently undertake a thorough study of your company at no cost or commitment to you. 

Do you focus on a specific industry?

In no way. Regardless of the sector, ExecHQ provides resources to assist any for-profit, non-profit, family business, governmental organization, or other entity. Our team of executive consultants has extensive experience in practically every area. While we are incredibly capable of aiding and producing remarkable results, it is unrealistic to expect us to be able to meet the needs of every client. We will volunteer as soon as possible to let people know if there are any organizations that we are unable to assist. 

What types of businesses do you support?

ExecHQ offers services to businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 1,000 companies. Most of our client’s range in size from startup businesses to those with yearly revenues over $250 million. 

Why ExecHQ?

Every business deserves the best executive, in our opinion. And it’s our goal to enhance corporate success by supplying senior-level leaders with extensive expertise when needed. For a fraction of the cost of full-time executives, ExecHQ offers the services of highly qualified professionals as needed to have an instant influence on strategic initiatives and produce outcomes. We fill the void recognized by savvy business owners and CEOs who desire to employ experienced, executive-level personnel for urgent situations, brief-term assignments, on an interim basis, or permanently to foster innovation and support the management of exceptionally difficult business difficulties. The executives at ExecHQ can assist you in taking your business to the next level, and you only pay for the skills you require during the time you require it. No long-term agreements. None of the extra costs that come with having full-time personnel. 

Do you collaborate strategically with other businesses?

Yes. ExecHQ® currently has strategic partnerships with up to 50 illustrious North American businesses, including those who are experts in technology, wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, complicated data analytics/business intelligence, cost reduction techniques, banking, and lending, etc. ExecHQ also participates in alliances that other companies have formed. Other regional and local collaborations have also been developed, allowing us to offer an unmatched breadth of solutions to both our clients and our executive consultants. These strategic alliances and ties are both American and worldwide in character. All these alliances are inclusive so that we can better serve our clients. This makes it possible for us to provide our clients a wide selection of vendors, suppliers, and/or solutions so they may choose the ones that are most appropriate for them and their problems.

What impact has COVID-19 had on your company?

As you may anticipate, most ExecHQ clients have had unfavorable effects. We began seeing a very significant increase in the number of requests for interim and fractional (part-time) executives, which are sectors in which we specialize, not long after the COVID-19 situation started. Our company is in a good position to support clients as needed as they lead businesses worldwide through the current economic climate and beyond.

How do I make an application to join your team?

Send your resume to or visit our careers page at 

I would like to join your team. What should I understand about the standards and expectations?

ExecHQ® received 1,200 applications each month on average over the past 12 months from people looking to join our team. A selection of the top 5 to 10 percent of applicants were chosen for interviews. Those who are interested must have considerable C-Suite experience, including as a CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, etc. (or equivalent experience in organizations that do not use C-Suite job titles). People who are a good fit for ExecHQ possess strong credentials, an entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to put their families and clients first, unwavering personal and professional integrity, a high level of emotional intelligence, and are people who actively listen and seek to understand, ask pertinent questions, excel at forming relationships, and help others. Because family comes first at our company, our consultants choose whether to work full- or part-time schedules. However, we do need a certain level of annual earnings from each consultant.

What is your executive consultant turnover rate?

ExecHQ provides its consultants a fun, entrepreneurial, family-first work environment. This implies that if our consultants felt that working full-time, permanently for a client will benefit them and their family, we would consider that to be a positive development. The majority of our consultants stay with us for a long time because we strive to provide them with the tools and resources, they need to accomplish what is best for their families and their customers.