Clive Mecham

Experience As:

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President

Based In:
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Clive Mecham

A dedicated lifetime learner with a passion for helping businesses and individuals grow and develop. I have served others while in executive roles, and enjoy surrounding myself with talented individuals, collaborating on tactics and strategies for exceptional performance and continuous improvement. Primary responsibilities throughout my career have included key account growth, expanded market penetration, new service development, top-line revenue growth, and increased efficiency of operation. I grew up in rural Utah (coal country) and learned and appreciate the values of hard work, the importance of community, and how being a “team player” results in success. I am dedicated to family and enjoy outdoor adventures in the Rocky Mountains and sharing experiences with my kids and grandkids, in the US and Australia.

Professional Accomplishments:
Strategic Planning
Developed Business Plans for primary market sectors, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Federal, and Commercial/Industrial. Worked with business center and other market sector leaders to identify and track strategic pursuits and develop strategies for successful closure of key pursuits.

Organizational Growth
Organic - Identified groups of talented staff to hire; both individuals and group hires, bringing capability and new service offerings not previously available. Added approximately 20 new staff within a three-year window; primarily associated with the development of new service offerings.

Acquisitions - Screened acquisition targets, conducted due diligence for prequalification and valuation, and facilitated pursuit. Evaluated multiple firms for acquisition. Facilitated discussions to closure and served on due diligence team for business assessment. Served as “Integration Manager” for the acquisition, on-boarding new leadership and technical staff.

Managed combined staff of over 360 throughout the intermountain west, southwest, California, and Texas. Revenue goals at approximately $42M annualized. Developed management strategies for both small and large firms. Developed forecasting tools and reporting formats, bringing focus on forward analysis of new business and backlog, rather than traditional “hindcast” tracking and reporting. Expanded head count and revenue by 12 - 15%, annualized. Identified and closed successful acquisitions of new companies and service lines.

Awards and Commendations:
• Fellow, Society of American Military Engineers (F.SAME)
• Society of American Military Engineers Regional Vice President's Medal

Professional Certifications:
• Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), Comprehensive Practice