It is extremely expensive when a CEO is being replaced as the inherent learning curve is detrimental to sustainable performance. However, the cost of time and money can be negated by using highly qualified professionals from outside your company in an as-needed basis who have already undergone the same learning curve elsewhere (and at someone else’s expense). Hence, it reduces the expenses and lost opportunities of the internal staff members’ learning curve.

There are numerous instances where on-demand executives can really benefit your company. especially given that they are very likely to have more business experience than most of the staff at your organization. Despite this, they can significantly improve a number of areas.

An Alternative View

When trying to find the best answers to their most pressing and challenging problems, CEOs and business often get stumbled by many walls. Experienced executives with a lot of knowledge and experience can provide you with the new perspective and insights that are required to get move beyond the obstacles.

This is what the great business thinker, Peter Drucker called a “meaningful outside” – a fresh perspective from the outside looking in.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

One of the most significant factors of successful corporations is their ability to keep entrepreneurial activities alive and well. The more they act like family-owned businesses—or at the very least, manage themselves in a family-style—the more success they’re likely to have.

You might be curious as to why that is the case.

Make sure everything inside your firm is thoroughly standardized and the status quo is maintained – no matter what – to squash your employees’ ability to think creatively.

That goes against the entrepreneurial philosophy.

The negative creativity required for the “think on your feet” types of activities required when extraordinary situations arise—and they will—is not encouraged in those constricting cultures.

What Box?

While current processes are being examined, streamlined, or simplified, utilizing highly experienced specialists hired on an interim basis can decide where and to what level of sophistication a new process should be introduced.

Whether it’s from the outside looking in or thinking outside-the-box, you’ll benefit from the fresh viewpoints offered by the executives who questioned “what box” was being referred to by some of your personnel.