M&A Multiple

ExecHQ Mutliple: What is is?

ExecHQ™ MULTIPLE is a pre-transaction readiness and valuation enhancement service that concentrates on the multiple side of the Value=Profit x Multiple equation. Whether you are looking to raise capital or prepare for a successful exit, enhancing your business’s value by ensuring your multiple is as high as it can be is one of the best ways to avoid leaving value on the table during the deal.

To effect lasting change within all aspects of your business, a deliberate program of advisory projects lasting from six to eighteen months is necessary. ExecHQ is advantageously positioned for such long-term project work. With over one hundred C-suite executives with immeasurable expertise in virtually every area of business and representing numerous industries, we have the capacity and resources to handle all aspects of the company’s valuation, from financial reporting to leadership, governance, risk mitigation, customer and product diversity, planning and execution, and everything in between.

ExecHQ™ MULTIPLE is prepared to guide businesses nationwide through the MULTIPLE experience in concurrence with their investment bank or M&A advisors. We look forward to partnering with you for the benefit of all stakeholders. Finally, you can ensure the best valuation of the business you worked so hard to build.

Our Captains

Baron Lukas

Baron Lukas

Board Member | CEO | CSO

Jon Rothbart

Jon Rothbart


“Jon has been an instrumental part of our organization’s strategic planning. He inspires deeper thought and rationalization and has the experience to communicate often complex ideas into simple logical examples and visual stories. A true talent. Before starting with us he knew little about our industry and was able to rapidly get up to speed and understand the key opportunities, constraints, and players. He provided insights from the leadership team to support strategic leadership planning and direction as well as key research and data helping us make better decisions about our market. Challenging us on many fronts, and personally working with me to help sharpen my leadership of the business, he is motivating to work with. Focusing on new areas of our business was crucial to our growth, without Jon and the time he spent with us we would not have improved these areas which are now worth millions of recurring dollars. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to reset or reaffirm their strategy and take themselves to their next level of growth.”
– Jarrod Levitan, CEO (former), TriNimbus

“I have worked with Jon and several members of his team at ExecHQ. With a common client, we have collaborated for the benefit of that client. Jon has demonstrated a keen ability to access a business, develop and execute a plan that improves the value and marketability of the business. Their process adds intrinsic and financial value for the buiness owner that also enables me to maximize the economic benefits an owner receives in a sale. I can recommend Jon and all the members of ExecHQ without reservation.”

Jim Afinowich, IBG Fox& Fin

“Baron is coaching us through establishing a solid foundation and operating procedures for our new company. We have discussed how difficult this process is, but how good it is to build this foundation from the beginning and how fortunate we are to have met Baron early on in our company’s life. His strategies are vital to any company at any stage of growth. In hindsight, it seems foolish for any company not to follow Baron’s management principles.”

– Dale Rankin, Owner, EnviroLogic Solutions, LLC

“Before Baron joined BPS Technology in April of 2020, we had engaged his services as a Strategic Advisor and Executive Coach. During those six months, it became clear to me that he could provide a structure that would create a rhythm the organization was needing. This would be an aggressive rhythm, a scope of work that we felt needed to be implemented to create traction on multiple segments of the business. Baron has a comprehensive range of experience that allowed for essential support of numerous key responsibilities. Consequently, we brought Baron aboard in April of 2020. In short order, Baron had developed boards for each of the entities. He worked diligently with me and the senior staff as well as shareholders to pull together our existing business plans and develop an executable strategic plan. The rhythm this created was a fast pace and methodical one, it led to an improved understanding of our technology and ways to protect it legally and through increased internal security processes. His level of assertiveness allowed us to successfully implement the strategic structure we critically needed. He was an impactful addition to our organization.”

– Bravis Brown, CEO, BPS Technology, LLC