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Everyone can benefit from a coach. Executive coaching is an investment in the client’s development as a leader and in their professional and personal success. All coaching programs are tailored to the client’s needs, desires, and circumstances. No two programs are alike; however, all programs share these common factors:

  • All coaching programs carry a nine-month minimum commitment.
  • Services are charged via a monthly retainer, which varies depending on the assessments, the client’s desires, and the required level of services.
  • All engagements begin with a mutual discovery process, coaching/advisory needs assessments, and, when applicable, a comprehensive business assessment.
  • All leadership coaching is based on the triad of Character, Competence, and Composure.
  • A typical engagement includes three quarterly cycles:
    • 1st Quarter focuses on discovery, assessment, and teaching leadership, management, planning, and execution fundamentals—typically four monthly coaching sessions.
    • 2nd Quarter focuses on problem-solving, refinement of fundamentals and principles from the 1st Quarter, resolving shortfalls identified in the assessments, and developing a personal strategic plan—typically three-monthly coaching sessions.
    • 3rd Quarter focuses on the client identifying and resolving issues and formulating professional and business plans—typically two monthly coaching sessions.
    • Additional ad-hoc meetings, planning sessions, and other services will always be considered and available.

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