EPICC Entrepreneur Advisory Services

by ExecHQ

Strategic Growth | Transition | Presale

Entrepreneurs engage EPICC Advisory Services when their commercial results flounder or need a refreshed strategic growth roadmap, when they fear they’re unprepared for potential business succession, M&A or other transition and/or when they realize their operating model no longer scales or is unsustainable. Our team listens, studies and focuses on achieving your best outcome, whatever that may be. We use the disciplined, EPICC process conducted in gated-stages to reduced your risk and keep us accountable to your needs. 

 Deliverables by Gated-stage include, as needed:

  • Evaluate (Initial; Bench-marked Deep-dive; Specialized)
  • Plan (Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Financial Roadmaps)
  • Improve (Client-prioritized Functional Projects; Accountability Reviews)
  • Coach (On Transitioning, Due Diligence, Databank, IB/PE/VC Engagement)
  • Capitalize (Maintaining Revenue, CF, EBITDA, Customers through target Outcome)

Our Captain

Thomas Dewey

Thomas Dewey