Energy Group

ExecHQ Energy Business Group

The ExecHQ Energy Group is a service that helps coach, expand, and improve your business in the energy sector, whether it be hydrocarbon, renewable, sustainable, power grid, or emerging market-focused. We are here to assist you in getting the most out of you and your team so that you can move your company to the next level of success. We specialize in middle and lower-middle-market businesses, both public and private.

Being a specialized team under the umbrella of ExecHQ, the ExecHQ Energy Group can bring in other advisors and teams as client situations mandate. Our team of senior leaders has experience in all energy market sectors. We have been there, done that, and successfully built and grew businesses in this critical industry. As the marketplace shifts and grows, our feet are firmly planted in properly creating, cultivating, analyzing, and executing solutions for your leadership team and business processes. We can support your team as advisors, fractional and interim CXOs, or planning partners.

Our Captain

Willis Scharmer

Willis Scharmer