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In today’s dynamic business environment, privately owned lower-middle-market companies face challenges that require coherent strategic planning, execution discipline, ethical accountability, and leadership development. To meet these complex requirements, business owners, fiduciary boards, and CEOs need an experienced senior executive leader who can work to augment and professionalize the leadership team. Our experienced senior executives assist the ownership in developing and executing a plan that mitigates the day-to-day chaos, puts the company on a clear path for growth and greater profitability, and establishes a culture that attracts the right kind of talent and business opportunities. ExecHQ is introducing the Chief of Staff as a Service to fulfill this need in our advisory services portfolio.

The ExecHQ Chief of Staff brings a unique blend of experience and expertise. Our Chief of Staff as a Service group includes former CEOs, Presidents, business owners, board members, COOs, and other senior C-suite positions with as much as forty years of experience in leadership and management. With this wealth of knowledge, the ExecHQ CoS empowers business leaders to make informed decisions that foster sustainable growth and competitive advantage through a step-by-step process:

  • A comprehensive business assessment that provides clear steps to improve virtually every aspect of the business.
  • The introduction of a continuous planning and execution process with a deliberate and disciplined communication and staff meetings plan.
  • Clearly articulate the company’s vision and translate that vision into an actionable strategic plan that is continuously updated and evaluated by measuring key performance indicators.
  • Helping the company’s ownership and senior leadership in the development of a company culture that brings together vision and core values into a cohesive whole.
  • Executive coaching for the C-suite, ownership, and board members.
  • Assistance in developing corporate governance and advisory boards.
  • Coordinate other advisory services such as cost reduction, profitability analysis, marketing, operational improvements, HR practices, leadership development, project management, IT and cybersecurity, and financial reporting improvements.

Our Captain

Baron Lukas

Baron Lukas

Board Member | CEO | CSO