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Randy Krebs

After earning my CPA certificate, I assumed the role of controller and later CFO of a real estate investment, management, and development company. During nine years with the company, I worked directly with the CEO in raising capital from investors for acquisitions or developments. The average capital raise for an investment was $5M. During that time span, the company’s portfolio had grown from 6 to 45 entities with a value increase from $30M to $300M. In addition to overseeing all accounting and finance, I implemented a transaction structure template for tax deferred exchanges deferring millions of capital gains for our investors.

I left the real estate company to start an environmental wastewater technology company with a close friend, Environomics, Inc. After raising $600K in seed capital and securing proven technology that removed inorganic contaminants from industrial wastewater streams, we marketed the technology to the industrial laundry companies. Having a difficult time in penetrating those companies, we changed our strategy and began working with a soil remediation company that later purchased our technology.

After the sale I worked with the Brenner Group as a part time CFO for several venture-backed startup companies. These companies had received series A or B financing rounds ranging between $14M-$30M. In addition to overseeing accounting, I implemented investment strategies to generate safe returns on investments ($16M) while considering monthly burn rates. I negotiated a $2.5M capital lease program to conserve cash, and I prepared BOD presentations from the financial forecasts I created, giving board members accurate historical financial and revised future financial activity (waterfall).

In 2006 a founder for one of the companies I serviced thru the Brenner Group approached me about becoming a co-founder for Mobile Tribe, LLC. The service was to provide access to social media sites via cell phones. At that time, the social media companies did not have a mobile app. I raised $850K in equity and debt financing. Over the next nine years Mobile Tribe, LLC grew its customer base to 2.3M users with annual revenues exceeding $500K. After negotiation with Huawei to purchase the company fell thru, Mobile Tribe, LLC closed.

During the time spent with Mobile Tribe, LLC I worked with the same team in starting two other companies, Joulelabs and energy efficiency and renewable energy service platform, and OtoGo, a SaaS one stop online shop providing ICT business services for the SME marketplace. Because both companies were ahead of the market, neither gained traction.

In parallel to working with my startup companies, I worked as a CFO consultant or part time CFO in the construction industry. I brought my technology and financial experience and increased one client’s gross revenue from $20M to $75M. In 2018 I accepted the role of National Construction Leader for Business Operation with CLA ( the 8th largest accounting firm in the US). I left CLA in 2019 to work outside the CPA firm environment.

Today, I am the managing member of KCG, Ltd. offering CFO services to startup and mature companies. My clients include a SaaS startup funded by a public company, a technology company with subsidiaries in the UK and Ireland, and a cannabis company providing facilities and equipment to the cannabis industry.

Professional Accomplishments:
Forecasting / Budgeting / ROI Accountability
• $125 million operation's ability to forecast revenue growth and align resources across three locations improved by building and communicating to leadership a real-time financial model.
o Success Story #1 Developing Financial Model Improves Forecasting The company sought an improved means to plan resource allocation through enhanced forecasting. The firm lacked internal resources and an awareness of the financial models available to address the concern. Evaluated organizational needs through conversations with stakeholders. Reviewed the company structure and methods that impacted any solution. Based on these assessments, developed a financial model to provide the data required and use as a repetitive working tool. Improved the $125 million operation's ability to forecast revenue growth.
• Millions of dollars of equity capital secured for the completion of development or acquisition of commercial and multi residential real estate investment properties.
o Success Story #2 Training on Software Strengthens Financial Health Hampered by the non-existence of visibility into the future financial health of the company. The firm wanted to operate more proactively rather than reactively to situations rife with the potential to close the firm. Continually moved from one issue to the next making daily work grueling. Observed an 80% underutilization of accounting software and worked without financial reports. Completed staff training on using the accounting software including creating \financial reports. Assessed the needs of executive management for decision-making. Utilized the evenings and weekends to build the requisite financial / forecasting model giving the executive team the ability to adjust job bidding, labor, equipment, and working capital requirements. Strengthened the business planning process and access to timely information. Acquisitions / Restructures / Start Ups
• Aligned revenue and expenses to BOD approved budget by restructuring sales teams, downsizing company personnel, and moving the firm to smaller facilities.
o Success Story #3 Restructuring Aligns Sales and Expenses Experienced delayed revenue and unclosed sales. The monthly cash out flow exceeded the inflow resulting in the need to continuously borrow funds for working capital. Worked with unrealistic sales goals, over optimism in the timing of anticipated deal closures, and strained personal relationships between management and staff. Established realistic sales goals based on history and the customer's reasoning for delaying purchase. Reviewed staff and responsibilities, dismissing non-critical staff. Moved the company to smaller facilities to align with small company footprint. Aligned actual revenue and expenses to the approved budget allowing continuance of company operations that ultimately resulted in the sale of the company.
• $600,000 in seed equity for a new wastewater technology startup company closed through collaboration with the co-founder on the business plan and presentation of the plan with financial pro formas to an investor. Capital / Debt Acquisition, Allocation, Management
• $6 million line of credit (LOC) and $750,000 equipment loan negotiated to meet working capital needs by building a model of financial requirements, cash flow condition, and available assets to convince bankers of company viability.
o Success Story #4 Leading Discussion with Bank Officers Produces $6 Million Line of Credit Customer payments took an average of 90 days to collect and the company paid weekly payroll, monthly union benefits, and for project material. The cash outflow on large union projects negatively impacted the finances. The bank disallowed certain receivable items for financing. Sought to establish a line of credit secured by accounts receivables to access meaningful amounts of working capital. This required removal of certain items and / or negotiations of definitions or formulas. Built a model of

Professional Certifications:
CPA - California and Indiana

Randy was a great finance partner to me as the CEO. I would welcome an opportunity to work with him again. The board respected him as did the rest of the organization. Randy always came with creative ideas to managing the business and not just your normal financial metrics to looking at our business but really as a true partner with passion for the success of the business. From a financial perspective. 100% Always accurate.

Randy and I have worked together on many different projects, but the most important one was as co-founders of our startup, Mobile Tribe. Randy was/is a consummate professional that provided invaluable advice, and was instrumental in our fund raising efforts. I highly recommend Randy for any executive or financial roles. He is straight forward, professional and a joy to work with. Next startup I work on, he will be the first person I call.

Randy has a depth of experience that is hard to come by. He is an excellent collaborator. He is easy to work with, eager to learn, and incredibly responsive when working on projects together. Randy is a strong writer, an insightful thinker, and a great business resource.