Martin Swarbrick

Experience As:

Based In:
Lombard, Illinois , 60148
Language (s):
English, French, Irish

Martin Swarbrick

My first passion is life now is working with business owners and investors to help create value to enable each of these stakeholders and their families to achieve their objectives . In order to make this happen, I like to work with people who I can gain trust with and as result help co- create a their vision, plan and work with them on implementation in whatever way they prefer.

My second passion is to work one on one with talented executive people as an executive advisor. I strongly believe that one-on one time with a trusted advisor can offer a rare high valued opportunity for an executive human being to be heard, understood and challenged by an objective non-judgmental open mind that can often be a life -changing experience.

Professional Accomplishments:
• National Baldrige Award. Served on the first National Irish Competitiveness board

Awards and Commendations:
• Life time member - National Association for the Deaf

Professional Certifications:
• Digital Six sigma Leader
• Certified Exit Planner
• Certified Lean Facilitator