Larry Campbell

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Board Member
Executive Director
Managing Director

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Phoenix, Arizona
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Larry Campbell

Venturesome! Larry is a self-starting, self-motivating, and a goal-oriented risk-taker. He gets great reward when coaching others to achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations. Status quo is not in Larry’s vocabulary.
He is intensely proactive and aggressive in driving to reach goals. Actively and boldly challenges the world, business, and even the areas of others within the business. He is strongly independent in putting forth ideas, which are innovative and original, and if implemented, will change the organization.

Task-focused he quickly notices and pushes to fix technical problems, assertively cutting through any personal/emotional issues. Has aptitude to spot trends in data or figure out how complex systems work.
Independent, analytical, critical, and creative thinking and action.

Larry is the consummate visionary making him an astute strategic planner ensuring organizations are prepared to seize all possibilities for growth and then he strategically aligns team leaders with coaching to guarantee the troops know the roadmap to success.

He is an ingenious and innovative problem-solver and troubleshooter. He has an actively inquiring
mind and a drive to get things done. He is a self-starter that initiates, makes decisions, and assumes responsibility for those decisions. He has a strong competitive drive, is ambitious, and will drive hard to achieve goals.

Larry loves mental activity – to exercise the muscles of his brain. He is a strategic thinker who loves to solve a problem to ensure no barricades stand in the way of the team reaching their vision.

Larry thrives in group settings where he can energize a room and dispel conflict. He ensures everyone has a voice and that it is heard and appreciated by team members. His confidence is infectious as he rallies the troops toward achieving success.

In one-on-one settings he creates an environment that stimulates encouragement and confidence motivating partners to achieve their highest potential. Larry is a coach. He quickly gains the trust of others enabling him to influence their productivity and instill confidence.

Larry is a bridge builder. There is little to be gained from conflict and friction. If the goal will be reached, the team must be unified. Larry’s view can be summarized as “we’re all in the same boat, and we need this boat to get where we are going. It’s a good boat. There’s no need to rock it just to show that you can.”

Peoples greatest fear is speaking publicly – but not Larry! Larry thrives on working a room. He quickly puts participants at ease, motivates laughter, captures attention, and gets the message home. He can move an audience to laughter and tears within a single session.

Professional Accomplishments:
  • Achieved Program Sustainability and Strategic Plan tsecure a highly competitive 5-year grant resulting in a 10-million-dollar funding increase positioning the agency for long term stability and growth potential.
  • Restructured Board of Directors for streamlining functionality and assuring adequate flow of information in all directions skey stakeholders received more relevant information and were well informed tbetter understand program effectiveness using data driven decision making.
  • Negotiated an additional $260K in funding which added staff and reduced client caseloads by 23%.
  • Received full compliance report on a “high stakes” federal review which secured continued funding tagency of $50+ million.
  • Serve on a national Data Development Initiative “think tank” in Washington D.C. with curriculum and software companies tdevelop systems alignment.
  • Vitalized agency operations providing leadership and direction in strengthening administrative and budget efficiency, developing a cohesive work environment and reinforced income eligibility compliance.
  • Identified strengths and weaknesses in service delivery and redesigned organizational structure, systems and processes tachieve desired outcomes / metrics and position organization for growth.

Awards and Commendations:
  • Region 9 Head Start Association – member of Board of Directors executive team as treasurer – 2017 tpresent
  • National Head Start Association (NHSA) Data Design Initiative 2017 tpresent
  • Arizona Head Start Association – Board of Directors executive leadership team member; Secretary (inactive)
  • ASU Department of Speech & Hearing Science – Key Partner in Early Reading First Grant 2006 – 2008
  • LARRC (Language and Reading Research Consortium): a five-year, international, longitudinal research study between ASU, University of Kansas, Lancaster University (in the UK), OhiState University - Administrative Advisory Team Member 2008 - 2010

Professional Certifications:
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified Organizational Development Coach
  • Certified Life Coach

We have collaborated with Larry on several training and consulting projects and Larry has surpassed our expectations each time. If you are looking for someone to help you successfully use your data to improve your program, make data-driven improvement, and engage your team, Larry is a worthwhile partner. Most important, he is someone you can trust.

Stuart Jones; Founder & CEO of Acorn Evaluation, Inc.

I have worked with Larry on our learning communities. He brings a social conscience, sense of urgency, and emotional intelligence to his consulting. He understands the issues and pressures faced by Head Start program leaders and brings empathy to the engagement. He doesn’t shy away from the difficult issues, but addresses them with a light enough touch to make the conversation work

Rick Mockler; Principal & CEO of Early Intel, Inc

As a former Director Larry is incredibly knowledgeable about Head Start operations and systems for continuous quality improvement. As an expert in the field he brings a wealth of knowledge that can help to expand a program's approach to the use of data and how conversations around data can help to lead to actions that promote effective response. He leads from a learning space to be able to identify programs needs in order to plan how to best address their areas of continuous quality improvement focus. His expert knowledge paired with his connection to many resources within the Head Start community make his services of high-quality

Sara Sara Agostinho, Senior Director of Program Design and Management| Shine Early Learning, Inc.

While I have not employed Larry Campbell as a consultant, I have had the great pleasure to see his strengths through his work participating in the National Head Start Association’s Data Design Initiative as a Head Start leader. The work Larry did as a Head Start leader has provided a great model from which other Head Start programs can learn. Larry understands the value not just of analyzing the data the Head Start program collects to look for trends, promising developments, and issues needing attention, but also the importance of supporting his staff to understand and apply the analytics to issues they consider important and where they were looking for ways to improve. I imagine Campbell would be an incredibly helpful coach and consultant for most Head Start programs.

Shelley Metzenbaum; Catalyst, convener, consultant -- The BETTER Project

Larry has expertise in providing guidance and leadership to Head Start programs to achieve high standards of quality, internally, and through public and private sector partnerships. Larry provides continuing professional development to the Head Start programs as part of the commitment to excellence. Larry strives for Continuous Program Improvement and in order to achieve that he keeps abreast of developments in comprehensive early childhood programs.

Yatin Dua, Executive Director, Catholic Charities Community Services
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