Henry Silvestriz-Lora

Experience As:

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Strategy Officer

Based In:
Addison, Texas
Language (s):
English, Spanish

Henry Silvestriz-Lora

Henry is an expert in chiropractic, health, wellness, ergonomics, injury prevention, rehab, strategist, problem solver, collaborator, negotiator, M&A, and private equity.

Dr. Henry Silvestriz has over 18 years of professional experience as a US Army Veteran, former Dallas Police Department, Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Director, and CEO of Vinci Holdings (private equity/M&A).

Henry Silvestriz brings a different set of eyes to the table with his unique background. He is an expert in chiropractic, spinal health, injury prevention, rehab, health & wellness, and a Certified Ergonomics Professional (CEP). As a businessman, he has vast experience as a board member (director & advisor), strategist, collaborator, negotiator, team building, M&A, and private equity.

Henry helps his clients by installing wellness and injury prevention programs to improve cash flow and using all his prior military and police experience to bring leadership to the table.

Henry is passionate about helping patients improve their quality of life, and business owners by installing systems to prevent injuries to have more cash flow. Henry is also passionate about growing companies through mergers and acquisitions.

Personally, Henry loves spending time with family, traveling to national parks, spending time up in the mountains, hiking, and landscape photography.

Professional Certifications:
  • Certified Ergonomics Professional (CEP)
  • Extremity Certification (Chiropractic)