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Scottsdale, AZ
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Carl Johnson

After almost 40 years of real business experience in general management and marketing of consumer healthcare products, I’m eager to help up and coming business executives to reach their full potential in professional and personal pursuits.

Starting in New York City in advertising account management on P&G products, I moved on to learn from managing marketing for Johnson & Johnson’s iconic baby products line; and leading business plan development and introduction of AcuVue® Disposable Contact Lens. Started and ran a small marketing consulting practice of my own. Engaged in business development activity – licensing, acquisition, etc. – for Rx to OTC switch products with the L. Perrigo Company. Finally, as CEO, President & Board member for Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., I helped turn around a failing company achieving a 6 year CAGR of +30% in revenue and profitability for the Zicam® line of cough and cold products.

I’ve been fortunate to hold Board positions with public companies and private-equity owned concerns.
Formal education comprised a B.S. in Economics & Business Administration, from Wagner college; an MBA in marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University; and for personal enrichment an MABL from Phoenix Seminary.

Life itself has been a valuable teacher. I’ve learned that the greatest joy comes from helping others succeed. And that lesson has led me to Executive & Leadership Coaching.

I approach coaching, and life, from a Christian Worldview.

Worldview, what’s that?
A Worldview is the fundamental orientation of an individual or society encompassing the whole of the individual’s or society’s knowledge and point of view.

A Christian, or Biblical, Worldview starts with God. The one who created all things from nothing; including humanity. God is supreme in all things and in complete control. From the beginning, apart from God, sin entered the world. As a result, humanity is separated from God. God is merciful and just and He loves his creation; especially humanity, made in his image. Throughout human history, God has been a source of comfort to humanity, to those that seek to know Him. God has proven His love for humanity, and the means of reconciliation for a broken world. God sent His Son, second person of the Trinity, to live, teach, be rejected, crucified, dead and buried to atone for humanity’s sin. But, on the third day, God’s Son rose from the dead and ascended to God; having paid the just penalty for all of humanity that believes in His Son, Jesus Christ. Lastly, God sent the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire humanity to be more like His Son.

With a Christian Worldview as a backdrop – a world broken, but in the process of being restored to what God intended – the challenges of business and leadership can become less difficult. As the Bible teaches, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Mt. 7:7)

Professional Accomplishments:
1) Recruited to turn around a failing cough-cold brand named Zicam. Achieved a 6 year CAGR of +30%, and fatest growing share brand in cough cold category for 4 straight years. 2) Led marketing & sales development of market introduction plan for AcuVue disposable contact lens, the first disposable contact lens. Led the way for J&J to go from an insignificant player in the contact lens business to global market leader in contact lenses.

I can provide names & titles for attached but I would not want them lised on the web site unless I gain their specific permission for use on the ExecHQ web site.

“I worked with Carl over the last 18 years of my career. Carl has been a great mentor, coach, and leadership example to me and many others. He builds authentic connections with people to help guide you through challenges and ultimately deliver results. His approach is around “doing it the right way” and keeping with in the values and principles he lives by.”

“Carl Johnson has deep management experience in companies large and small, which gives him the vision to see success through challenges and difficulties. I have worked closely with Carl over many years and in multiple capacities. He served for many years as CEO of a publicly traded company, which he guided from almost start-up to strong success! He also served on the Board of Directors of two public companies where I was a member of the executive management team. He has seen a lot of business challenges and used his insight and understanding to navigate through them. I highly recommend Carl to help you improve your skills, grow your business and solve your business and leadership challenges.”

I had the pleasure of working with Carl as a fellow board director and as the CEO of a company where Carl was a board director. I’ve known Carl for over a decade. Through the years, I’ve benefitted from and appreciated the way Carl brings his personal style - - direct and insightful, yet kind and compassionate - - to any business discussion. Carl is unafraid of controversy, but leads and models leadership with a strong grounding in the facts, analysis, integrity, and decency. Carl has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments and experience over the year and is ideally suited to pass his wisdom on to emerging leaders in any industry."

The foundation of Carl’s coaching is based on real life & successful career experiences. His approach allows goals, and the means of achieving them, to materialize from within the people he works with. There are mentors, advisors, consultants and others who will tell you what they think you should do, but Carl uses his experience and skills to help you develop things on your own. He encourages and facilitates discussions that go deeper. This way YOU find YOUR goals and YOUR solutions, and that always brings about better results. Think about that person who made you better because they guided you to figure it out for yourself. That’s Carl. Trust him! I did and I’m better for it. In fact, I’ve not only referred him, I still working with him. I’d suggest you do the same!